HPS Japan
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The purpose of the project

This project targets for those who have a license with nurse or nursery nurse, and who are not currently practicing. Its aim is to help the students to change professional direction as a HPS to support children in hospitals and children with special needs.
This project also organizes a seminar and workshop to increase social recognition of HPS and to network all those who are engaged in supporting sick children.

What is Hospital Play Specialists (HPS)?
A member of multi-disciplinary team with strong academics and professional skills.
Provide PLAY to support children to understand their illness and procedures by working closely with the multi-disciplinary team.
HPS strongly believe that PLAY is an effective medicine for children.
What HPS offers
Provide one-to-one play sessions for sick children to receive thorough treatments.
Design play programs to meet developmental and emotional needs of children.
Create safe and child-friendly environment with a lot of play techniques and tools to reduce fears and anxieties.
Granted by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology