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UK placements
UK placements

The purpose

HPS Japan training project started in 2007 and the placement takes an important role for educating HPS and developing this project. Thus, this project planned a placement in UK, where HPS was established, for the supervisors of placements in Japan. This UK placement can teach them the skills and techniques of HPS so that they will have clear ideas of their professional goals and roles in Japan.
Even though some had issues with the language barriers, all had great learning experiences. We would like to develop the HPS Japan training project further based on this learning experience.

The participants

5 of HPS Japan (the first cohort)

The dates

10 days in November, 2008

The hospitals

  • Kingston Hospital NHS Trust (near London)
    Supervised by Norma Jun-Tai
  • Royal Hospital for Sick Children (Edinburgh)
    Supervised by Frances Barbour
  • Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Trust (London)
    Supervised by Jenifer Dyer

The goals To learn

  • Normal plays in playroom
  • The different techniques to meet different needs.
  • Preparation and distraction
  • Sibling and family support
  • Multi-disciplinary team

2008.11.21 Summary of the seminar held at Great Ormond St Hospital

The seminar was led by two patrons of NAHPS; Dr Richard Wilson, consultant paediatrician and Peg Belson OBE (Order of the British Empire) Both Peg and Richard were asked to present this seminar ・・・

The seminar on UK placements



University of Shizuoka Junior College


HPS Japan Program in University of Shizuoka Junior College




HPS Japan office Tel:+81-54-202-2652


  • The overview of UK placements
    Prof. Katsuyuki Ebara (University of Shizuoka Junior College)
  • Great Ormondo Street Hospital
    Hiroe Kojima (Seirei Hamamatsu General Hospital)
    Kazuko Suwabe (Shizuoka Children’s Hospital)
  • Royal Hospital for Sick Children
    Kumiko Tanaka (Aichi Children’s Health and Medical Center)
    Yoko Nakayama (Shizuoka Children’s Hospital)
  • Kingston Hospital
    Hideko Konagaya (Shizuoka General Hospital)
    Dr. Masashi Harazaki (Shizuoka General Hospital)


The audience filled out the questionnaire for the seminar to ask their impressions.

Granted by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology