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News Letter


News letter vol.1 ・The interview with Prof. Masaru Nishigaki (The president of
University of Shizuoka Junior College)

・Message from Norma Jun-Tai (National Association of Hospital Play
Specialist Chairman)

pdf News Letter vol.2 ・The interview with Dr. Masami Nagashima (Honorary director of
Aichi Children’s Health and Medical Center)

・The Report on visiting New Zealand by Prof. Chika Matsudaira

pdf News Letter vol.3 ・The interview with Norma Jun-Tai (Chair of National Association of
Hospital Play Staff)

・The home visits by the first cohort of HPS Japan Yoko Nakayama (HPS,
Nursery nurse)

pdf News Letter vol.4 ・The interview with Mr. Atsushi Sugiyama (Shizuoka Prefecture Hospital

・The report on UK placement

・The Report on placement in Canada IWK Health Center by Prof. Chika

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