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œHome Visit
Yoko Nakayama (HPS, Nursery Nurse)
Home Visit
Hi, my name is Yoko Nakayama, HPS. I would like to explain how I provide plays for home visits.

I have supported a 3-year-old girl, Kyo, who has Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA) Type 1. SMA is a disorder, having a genetic cause and the manifestation of weakness due to loss of the motor neurons of the spinal cord and brainstem. The primary feature of SMA is muscle weakness. She needs to have a respiratory apparatus. But same as other 3-year-old, she has strong likes and dislikes, and likes to laugh. She receives lots of affection from beautiful mother and strict but handsome father. She has a baby sister so she now has a responsibility as a bigger sister.

She has supports from a nurse, a home-care worker, an OT and HPS. I visit her for three hours once every other month with the play plan. When I plan out play program, I consider the developmental stages as well as her conditions. We make long-term goals for the year and short-term goals for each visit. I introduce a variety of plays, which help her to achieve the goals. We play together, and this is the most fun time. Because I visit her only once two months, her parents and home-care worker also choose from the play plan and play with her. I also encourage her to choose a play.

I have visited her only 3 times so far but I can see the changes from her parents. Her parents always take her to a zoo, an aquarium and a park. But the inside-activities were limited to watching TV and DVD and reading. Her parents were surprised to know how different plays can be offered. Yes, anybody can play no matter what conditions are. They were impressed with the power of play when they saw her heart rate was decreasing with sand-playing. I also suggested how communication should be consistent from different workers. They have been practicing it now and improved a lot. I strongly believe that it is HPS role that the play should be improvised for their needs so that every child has opportunities to play. I would like Kyo to have lots of fun experience through plays.

I would like to work as a team with her parents, the nurse, home-care worker, OT, and volunteers. I am really excited to have this opportunity with using my new skills and knowledge as HPS for the child and family who needs play. I would like to continue supporting the children who needs home visits.
Home Visit

Granted by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology