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HPS Japan training program in University of Shizuoka,
Junior College Application

1 The purse of the training program

Applicants will be welcomed from those who hold a childcare or nursing qualification but would like to change professional direction. The program teaches the theory, roles and skills of Hospital Play Specialists to support sick children through plays as a member of multi-disciplinary team.

2 The application

(1) Qualification requirements
All applicants must fulfill the following criteria.

Holding a license of nurse or nursery nurse
Working experience in child care or hospital settings.

Not practicing currently
(The current employees could be also qualified so please feel free to contact us.)

Attending all lectures and placement.

*All applicants are required to have the following understanding.

In UK, where HPS was founded, the minimum entry requirement includes 3 years post qualifying experience working in a childcare setting. The fundamental role of HPS is Normal Play based on developmental stages, not other specialized plays.

(2)The number of students
Approx. 10 students.
In case of receiving more than 10 applicants, the applicants will be screened based on interviews.

(3)The notification
The letter will be sent to the applicants after the screening process.

(4)Application period
For 3 weeks.

(5)How to apply
Fill out the application form and send it by mail, FAX, or e-mail to HPS Japan office.

(6)Where to apply
・By mail:HPS Japan office, University of Shizuoka Junior College,
2-2-1 Oshika Suruga-ku Shizuoka-city, 422-8021, Japan
・By FAX: +81-54-202-2652
・By e-mail: hps-japan@u-shizuoka-ken.ac.jp

3 The overview of the training course

Hospital Play Staff Education Trust has advised us for the curriculum.

(1) Period
Five-week course.
9-day lecture, 10-day placement, and presentation.
Sunday and national holiday are off.

(2) Place
Lectures: University of Shizuoka Junior College (2-2-1 Oshika Suruga-ku Shizuoka-city, 422-8021, Japan)
Placements: Shizuoka Children’s Hospital
Shizuoka General Hospital
Seirei Hamamatsu General Hospital
Aichi Children’s Health and Medical Center
Shizuoka Saiseikai General Hospital
Osaka Developmental Rehabilitation Center (O-DRC)
(The students cannot choose the hospital)

(3) The students will learn:
a. The current situations of pediatrics and the roles of co-medical staff.
b. The roles, purposes and skills of HPS.
c. The practices on developmental plays and skills.
d. Designing play programs, networking in the community, and how to promote HPS in future.
e. HPS placement.

4 The fees

Free except for transportation and books.

5 The certification

All students who complete the training course successfully will be accredited with the completion certification according to School Education Act and the code of University of Shizuoka Junior College.

6 The contacts

HPS Japan office, University of Shizuoka Junior College,
2-2-1 Oshika Suruga-ku Shizuoka-city, 422-8021, Japan
TEL&FAX: +81-54-202-2652
e-mail: hps-japan@u-shizuoka-ken.ac.jp

The unregistered students can sit on a few lectures.How to apply

Granted by Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology